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Gemstone Chart


st_abalone ABALONE : Stimulates intuition. Assists with arthritis, muscle pain, benefits the heart, and digestion. HOWLITE: Memory. Encourages reasoning, observation, dream recollection. Can eliminate pain, stress, anger. OCEAN JASPER: Allows for emotional release (blockages). Promotes gentle change and grounding.
AFRICAN JADE : Considered to be a gemstone of general healing and relaxation. Brings luck and wealth. KAMBABA JASPER: Soothes nerves and state of mind. Helps dietary stabilization, and cleanses body of toxins. RED JASPER: Emotionally calming. Good for those who like change to be a gradual process.
AMAZONITE: Soothes, harmonizes, balances energy – especially male/female. LABRADORITE: Represent the light of the universe. Increases intuition. Illumination. RHYOLITE: Helps all forms of communication, including listening. Balances feminine and masculine energy.
AMBER: Purifies the mind, body and spirit. Balances electro-magnetics of the body and allows for even flow of energy. Provides positive, soothing energy. LEOPARD SKIN JASPER: Fulfillment. Brings to you the things you need most in your life. Increases harmony. ROSE QUARTZ: Promotes love and passion. Opens and balances the heart chakra.
AMETHYST: Serenity. Calms the mind and resolves anxiety. MOONSTONE: Love drawing, increases intuition, and is good for the female reproductive system. SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: Purification. Has ability to cleanse and clear negative energy. Stabilizes, balances and protects.
AVENTURINE: Regeneration. Strengthens will, encourages creativity and intuition. MOTHER OF PEARL: Carries the gentle, peaceful, healing energy of the sea. Relaxes and soothes emotions. SODALITE: Logic, intellect, efficiency, truth of emotion.
CRAZY HORSE: Brings protection, awareness, insight and grounding. MOUKAITE: Helps with ending relationships, or something that must end in order to make way for something new. TURQUOISE: Enhances communication, friendship and love.
FLOURITE: Meditation. Concentration. Facilitates balance and healing. Strengthens bones & teeth. KAMBABA JASPER: Soothes nerves and state of mind. Helps dietary stabilization, and cleanses body of toxins. UNAKITE: Anti-stress. Balances physical disharmony. Calming and relaxing.
GARNET: Passion, commitment, devotion and promotes health. NEW JADE : Harmony, peace, fidelity, confidence. A great dream stone.